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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you have a fever and dry cough you should seek medical care.

Amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) threat and the need for public health containment. KnowNOW Health Services based in New York and New Jersey is offering its Telehealth product to health related businesses for a two-month free trial basis. We would like to use our technology to help ease the need for face-to-face contact by healthcare providers. Our technology is inexpensive, efficient and needed in a time like this.

COVID-19 is 10 times as lethal as the ordinary flu. It is also more contagious. It affects the older population (>60 y.o) and those with chronic medical problems at a much higher and alarming rate. It is also clear we are not testing enough people.

If you have a fever and dry cough you should seek medical care.

For now it is recommended to 1) stay away from crowds 2) frequent hand-washing or sanitizing after being in public spaces, and 3) monitoring family, friends, and loved ones to seek medical care if necessary.

KnowNOW Health wishes you the best in these tough times and please reach out to us if interested in Telehealth services.

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KnowNOW's Digital Health Solution

Video Visits That are HIPAA Compliant
Connect with your patients anytime and anywhere

Customized App

We will create a beautiful App for you that can be branded with your logo and available to your patients under Apple and Android Smartphones and tablets.

Increase Access

to your medical practice. Reduce no-shows and cancelled visits
from transportation issues, childcare or missing work. Availability for after-hours and on-call billing.

Boost Practice Efficiency

and increase revenue via secure video visits. Usually video
visits are reimbursable at the same rate as a comparable in-person visit.

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Your Virtual Telehealth Clinic: Making Care Accessible

Telehealth services are valuable to large healthcare organization, small family-owned clinics, and any size organization in between. Virtual visits are valuable to connect patients to doctors, specialists, nutritionists, social workers and anyone who practices in a care setting.

Our Telehealth Solution combined with your electronic medical record (EMR) creates an essential virtual clinic that allows you to see patients anytime and anywhere. If you have seen your patient live, you can also conveniently send prescriptions and labs from your EMR.

We offer a state-of-the-art telehealth app that will be custom branded with your company logo and contact information. Patients can schedule video visits and interact via text messages with your medical practice providers. Providers can document the medical visit directly in the app.

Our Telehealth Solution Offers:

  • A seamless patient and provider experience that increases communication and efficiency
  • Digital imprinting for security, allowing patients to attach documents and providers to attach labs and diagnostic tests all for a seamless patient and provider experience that increases communication and efficiency.
  • A custom brandable solution with your logo.
  • Unlimited high-quality video visits
  • Virtual patient waiting room
  • IOS and Android access
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App Screens

From this photo gallery you get a better idea of our or better yet “your” soon-to-be application

How It Works

A telehealth solution for your organization in a few simple steps.

Custom App

Sign-up and our team will deliver a custom branded telehealth solution to you within a week.


We will host your telehealth App under Amazon Web Services (AWS) account which will protect and encrypt all your information. Your IT and management team will have access.

Branded App Website

Add a custom branded telehealth website or landing page to your main site to field patient appointment requests. We also provide a back-end Admin Portal for visit and population management.

Low-cost Subscription

Our low-cost subscription allows us to promise a return on investment within three months of implementing telehealth to your practice.


Our Story

We created KnowNOW Health to improve access to health care using technology.

Meet the Team

Dedicated professionals from health activists to tech gurus to doctors with decades of experience.

The Healthcare Problem

In the United States or anywhere no one should die from preventable conditions.


KnowNOW Health's mission is to provide access to care and in particular underserved and vulnerable populations. Therefore we are partnering with health organizations with similar missions to provide digital technology at a fraction of our competition's cost.
We provide free on-boarding. Cost does not include a monthly server (ie. AWS) cost


Special Customers‎‎‎‏‏‎
  • Startups:
  • 6-12 Months Contract
  • *(Progressive increase based on revenue)
  • Social Workers, Therapists:
  • 6-12 Months Contract
  • Nutritionists:
  • 6-12 Months Contract


Private clinics
  • Single Provider
  • 2-5 Providers
  • 5-10 Providers
  • 10+ Providers

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